Grand Illinois Trail

The Grand Illinois Trail stretches across the northern part of Illinois from Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River to riding along the Wisconsin border – over 500 miles of scenic landscape & historic markers.

The trail came to life in 1995 as the idea of linking the many trails in Illinois into one ride across Northern Illinois. Think about it…heading off on a wonderful adventure to see a portion of the state in a whole new way!

You can ride your bike from the Quad Cities to Chicago!

A few of us have decided that 2009 will be the year we become trail blazers! Trail Blazers are those who ride the complete 500+ mile loop in one year or less. You need to keep a journal and take some photos & once you’re done you get the T-Shirt and a certificate.



You can download the registration form and find out more information by visiting the following sites:

Take some time to read through the websites and see what all the excitement is about!!

So, as I said – a few of us have decided to make 2009 our year to make the journey around the trail. So far those interested are Gary Arnold (owner of Arnold’s Bikes), Edna Arnold (wife of Gary and owner of E’s Embroidery), Jeff & Robin Melvin (son & daughter-in-law of Gary & Edna) – we may be familiar to some as we also journeyed on the Elroy Sparta trail (yes, that’s us in the picture).

Now the journey is not limited to just us. If anyone else would like to be included just place a comment below and use the contact page to leave your contact information. We’ll be breaking up the trip into weekend expeditions so you don’t have to be worried about doing the ride in one trip.

Hope you decide to join us as we ride the Grand Illinois Trail and become “Trail Blazers!”

We’ll keep you posted on all the details of our journey!

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